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Echo's Journal

I’ll be damned, they did it. Well, we did it, but I don’t want my name on the record.

I guess I’m the Molly leader now. What do they call that? Chief Molly? Head Mol? Mollnarch? Gonna go with Mollnarch for now. I’m the boss, after all. Haven’t written here for a long time, on account of I didn’t think I’d be alive, but it turns out the rain was killing off any magical folks. Anyone with magic on ‘em, too. Lucky for us, a few innovating minds in the city whipped up a grease suit to keep dry. It’s a lot less fun than it sounds.

City was a mess the day after. Still is. Turns out, we’re in open rebellion. The Mollies proper are insurgents, and we came across some especially bad blood, but it sounds like the main bunch didn’t have anything to do with the rain (could be lying, for all I know). Bunch of half-breed orcs led the rebellion with the Mollies backing them. It was all a little too grand for my liking, so I did a little scouting with the team, and together, we hit one hell of a jackpot.

Keys to the city. Magic weapons. The Mollies’ charter (they used to be royal agents!). Nine hells, I’d never thought I’d even SEE a magic weapon, much less haul a trunkload of them down the street.

Picked up on a few correspondences between the Mollies that said they were to meet at town hall. Well, I never got the memo that there’s an old town hall and a new one, so we show up at this big old place I’ve never been before and waltz right in with the keys we found expecting a grand entrance. What do we find? Nothing but a bunch of old bones. Oh, and one other minor thing—a portal chamber leading to dozens of cities across the world. Nothing special.

Anyway, we headed out of there and to the NEW town hall, I uh, introduced myself to my subordinates (they were ill-prepared for my arrival—so hard to find good help these days), and we learned about the orcs’ plans to have a meeting at the local museum. Big-wigs. City warchiefs, clerics, a proper sorcerer, and even the Great White Orc himself (named postmortem).

The ranger came up with the plan: we hit the sewers, knock out a few pinchpoints and back up the water system, get the whole place nice and wet. Then we let loose a few of those nasty vials that killed off all the magic users.

The plan handled like a dream. The sewers were the easy part. Definitely no hangups at all. There CERTAINLY isn’t a dragon with more gold than I’ve ever seen in one place in my life, not to mention untold magical treasures that make up three hundred years of this fine city’s history. That would be absolutely ridiculous. And even if there WAS such a thing, it DEFINITELY wasn’t all destroyed in a painfully beautiful eruption of spells we set off. Yeesh, I’d lose my mind if something like that happened.

Anyway, the plan killed all but the high priest. He was a piece of work, but we put a nail in that coffin. Gotta say, we’re shaping up into a pretty decent band of scoundrels.

The regime fell apart after that. The metal mayor and her friends have the rest of the orcs in disarray, and now all that’s left to do is mop up. Kids around the city are using some overgrown plants to purify the water, too. After that…well, I guess we’re free to do whatever we want. It’s weird, I’ve never really had to deal with that kind of situation. No debt, nothing hanging over my head, no orcs waiting to whack me at the first slight. Feels nice. Think I’ll keep it this way. All I’ve got to worry about is making sure my family gets a comfortable place to make a living—and as it happens, I think there are a few abandoned orcs’ officers houses that might fit the bill pretty nicely. My district could use a nice bed and breakfast. Might give the little one a safe place to stay. Maybe even study something?

As for us, the orcs aren’t going to take open rebellion lying down. If we want to keep what we swiped out from under their noses, we’ll need friends. I’ve hardly ever been out of the city, but hell, if I can fool the Mollies into thinking I’m a leader, playing diplomat to a bunch of people out there I’ve never even thought of before a day ago can’t be too much harder, right?


Dominick rimeroyal

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