Check for Traps

Good Behavior

Echo's Journal

There’s more criminals outside prison than inside, seems like.

I’m out of jail for barely a week, and already things are worse than I could have imagined. Part of my debt to James Monroe was cleared by the time I got out, but only because my sister Furia’s been working for him the whole time. Worse yet, our youngest sister’s in foster care growing up under gods-know-who’s parentage. Mom and Dad would be proud, but I’m sick to my stomach.

James still runs the Broke Imp, but his luck’s been awful. Besides my sister, he’s had a drunk bouncer working for him, along with a smooth-talking tiefling and some toot player from the deserts overseas. Don’t know where he picked them up, but the Pate gang hit ’em pretty hard before I got back to them.

So my first job out of jail was to join that bunch on a raid to get our shit back. About 200g and the deed to the inn went missing. They had it locked away in a safehouse under one of the warehouses, we learned. Got the beggars working for them as lookouts. They’re good, but we’re better.

We were in and out in a few minutes. The place was rigged alright, but between my sister and I, there weren’t many surprises, and it turns out our new friends know how to throw their weight around. We busted in on the guards having a game of cards, and we cleaned house. Soon after, we’re making a getaway with 400g and some painting we found out is a forgery. Ledger says the Pates were expecting a BIG shipment. Like, 15k big. Can’t help but wonder what this forgery might have to do with that.

Guess it doesn’t matter to them now—the Pates are history. We got tipped off that our next heist was going to be a set up. Pate himself tipped us off, in fact, but I won’t go into detail how. Just remember to make friends if you’re ever behind bars. Never know which one of them might have relatives in high places.

Pate had kidnapped James, though. We took care of that, and that took care of my debt. Turns out Pate was planning a hostile takeover of the Broke Imp. Can’t imagine why he wanted that dump so bad, but our friend from the desert set up a trap that caught all the fish in one barrel. His bar, the Blood Gem, is empty now, as far as we know. The place might be hot, but it’s prime real estate. I think we’re a little more than James can manage, personally, so I keep thinking the Gem might have some potential. Needs a new name, though.

Oh, and we got inducted into some kind of “social club.” Not sure what to make of them, but they’re more secretive than anything I’ve run across so far. More on them later, though. I’ve got some locks to change.


Dominick rimeroyal

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