Check for Traps

Dinner for Five

  • In Union City, the party plans on how to make it past the Birfani blockade to their home isles without dragging Roak into the Confederacy-Birfani war.
  • The party makes its arrangements for passage with the Bureau of Defense, and during the visit, the party wizard gets the group on good terms with Defense Minister K’vesh, with whom the party is invited to dinner later that evening.
  • The party goes shopping for evening attire and looks debonair.
  • A small group of Roakian (Roakish? Roakese?) traders are discovered in the poorer districts of Union City, pinned down by the hefty trading fines associated with establishing a good location in the bustling metropolis’s trading districts. The party “invests” a small amount to get their people out of the gutter and into the world of bigger business. In the meanwhile, they learn of a developing Roakian dish: a certain salted fish…
  • Dinner with the MInister rolls nearer, and after depositing their valuables at a warehouse, the party dines. It becomes clear immediately that the MInister has plans for using the party to hasten the end of the war, for a modest reward. The Trade Confederacy is suffering dearly from the blockade, and one particular orcish admiral is proving troublesome. For the Minister, the party is a convenient pawn.
  • The party haggles over dinner between pleasantries, and soon, a deal is struck: the party will present itself as mercenaries for the orcish navy and infiltrate the fleet’s ranks. Three weeks from the date of the deal, this orcish admiral must die, one way or another. In exchange, the party is offered a large sum of gold, four uses of the Confederacy’s Mage Forge, four years’ free trade with the Confederacy, a drydock barge, and plans for a war device—a fascinating metal shaft that shoots metal balls, powered by magic spells.
  • The city’s artificer Sabrina provides a guide to the Mage Forge, and the party sets about planning how to use their uses of the forge. Meanwhile, though, the party has a boat to catch…and an admiral to deal with, lest the violence risk spilling into Roak waters.


Dominick rimeroyal

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