Soshanna of Rainwood

A young knight thrust into the role of a Lightbringer


Soshanna is a girl of 16, standing at about 5’3" with dark skin and wiry black hair. She carries herself with the dignity of noble upbringing, and she generally wears clothes that befit her rank—a fine white and gold tunic with hide pants and brown boots, and a large, thick, red cloak that covers her almost completely, held together by the emblem of the Lightbringers on her right shoulder.

Armor and weapons: She acquired her armor in Castle Ravenloft, and it shows—though it is of impeccable quality, the metal armor is dark, sooty grey and befitting the Barovians who made it. The visor is a mask that comes to a point, and a ragged plume of hair like a horse’s tail spills out the back of it, a carryover from what might have once been a splendid display of pomp. She wears her red cloak over this armor. Her sword is distinct—the golden blade of the Sunsword, bane of vampires, which glows with a corona when near the undead.

Steed: Soshanna rides a majestic alpaca into battle.

Lands: Though a part of the leadership of the Roak Isles, Soshanna holds no formal lands or titles as of yet. Her nobility and prestige was stripped from her when she was expelled with the rest of the party to this new world after Ravenloft. Nevertheless, the plans for a new Castle Rainwood are being made, though construction is has not yet commenced.


Rainwood was a remarkable place—tall trees shot upwards, providing homes for those residents who liked to avoid the constant flooding the damn river caused, and brave loggers dared navigate the fast waters to give the small holding an economy. Of course, Rainwood seems like a half-forgotten dream, now.

Soshanna took on the role of a page at 7, like most knights-to-be. Seven years of service later at the age of 14, she was squired in order to serve her mentor on an expedition to a far-away land in need of assistance. All-in-all, things were looking pretty good until everyone else got killed by Lord Smyth’s outlaws. A 15-year old Soshanna was forced into armed service, and one of her new comrades even mockingly knighted her in “honor” of her rank. The fact that her formal knighthood is questionable at best is a secret Soshanna plans to take to her grave, as she was resolved to meet her end among these bandits.

Nevertheless, a party of promising adventurers happened upon her and the other bandits, unknowingly sent on a suicide errand. Soshanna fought and killed one of their company. Wrought with guilt over the action, Soshanna threw down her sword and vowed to defect to the party in penance.

Turns out that defecting can work out pretty great. Soshanna went on with this party to cleanse the land of Barovia and bring Strahd von Zarovich to his knees in justice, and she grew in strength, confidence, and tactical prowess. As a member of a strong, functional party, Soshanna left the pocket dimension of Barovia a skilled tactician and a Lightbringer.

Going from such a low point to such a great victory in so little time without a mentor to teach from these victories, however, has its consequences on a young mind. With each victory, Soshanna’s confidence grows dangerously close to quixotic hubris. After all, Ravenloft was a gothic romance! Vile darkness to be outwitted, keeping one step ahead of a mastermind’s daggers, becoming entwined with ancient mysteries, facing down old and twisted magic politics, saving the land from literal darkness, it’s exhilarating!

…and could go to her head, if she isn’t careful.

Soshanna of Rainwood

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