*beep* MEAT GROUP! Aww, just as I figured, hot on the outside, icicle on the inside. *Two Minutes*..... No wheezing the juice!


Being a Tiefling, Sorrow understands how hated her people are. However where most of her people have been known to have a dark background, she tends to drive it home.

One the outside, she appears to be a fragile, charismatic creature, on the inside, she is biding her time, waiting for a time where she is powerful enough to challenge, even the mightiest of deities. Born of a different plane, growing up with her father, the demon Belial, she is one that understands the average person’s mind and how to manipulate them. This is the daughter of the lord of lies, so trickery comes natural to her.

Her allies are but pawns played on a board, her enemies are underbrush, just ripe for the burning. She looks forward to burning her enemies to the ground with an unnatural hellfire, then forcing them to rise again, as skeletal warriors, forever loyal, bound and enslaved to her. What powers necromancy holds. The power the resurrect ones body, to enslave one’s soul, and make the body do your bidding, even if it means for her slave to slaughter their own spouse and children. This is mere childs play for what is to come. Her sister taken away from her, slaughtered and mocked. Her people scattered and hunted. She seeks to further her abilities, so that she may purge this world of all those that threaten her people. She will not relent until those who have sinned against her people have paid dearly with their souls and are forever enslaved to the Tieflings of this world. She has met associates, adventurers, that seek out the riches of this world. For this, she could care not, so long as she moves forward with this goal, she continues on. However, as soon as she finds the high elves and can rally her people, she will slaughter the entire high elf race, burn and ravage their villages, and enslave their people as mindless, obedient skeletal minions.


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